Convento Festival

10 - 14 june 2024 il convento retreat center
tuscany, italy

We are absolutely stoked to give birth to CONVENTO FESTIVAL in June 2024.

It will be amazing!

Stay tuned. Own Webiste in Progress. ✍

Convent from latin “conventus” gathering.

Our vision is to gather together with YOU in a tribe for a few days on an ancient and sacred place in the midst of the wild hills of north tuscany between the apuan alps and the mediterranean sea. We come together in love and respect for nature and each other and to co-create a space of growth, abundance and nourishment.

I don’t want to organize just any healing festival or any yoga, music, dance or whatever festival. There is much more behind it. We have the unique opportunity to use my parents‘ life project as a location and I promise you, the location alone is such a marvellous place, that’s already half the battle. Furthermore, in the past years we could get to know so many people who bring their wonderful gifts and talents out into the world, renowned teachers and healers who are role models and friends to us who support us wholeheartedly in our project. Under these two conditions we clearly feel the call to create this Convento Festival NOW. Now is the time to come together in this incredibly powerful and sacred place to create an utopia of how we envision the new world, how we want to see humans and nature living and evolving together. A happening where there is space to ask the big questions of life and at the same time meet in our very own humanity. A festival where the sacred and the profane come together. Where there is space for lightness and fun, excitement and joy, to play like grown up kids… and at the same time space for deep healing, soul encounters, touch, heart opening. For pleasure and for humility, for intimate meditation or screaming dance. An opportunity to meet old friends again and to make new ones (or aren’t they just also very old friends from some other life…?).
It is gonna be unforgettable, I can feel it in the very tips of my toes and in the warm depths of my heart.
…Can you feel it as well??