Convento Festival

10 - 14 june 2024 il convento retreat center
tuscany, italy

Save the date 2025: 4th-8th AUGUST


We are absolutely stoked to give birth to CONVENTO FESTIVAL in June 2024.

It will be amazing!

Check out the website and stay tuned:

Welcome to our holistic festival at the Convent Retreat Center, from June 10th to June 14th, 2024! It’s a unique experience that blends mind, body, and spirit through a variety of workshops, including yoga, meditation, music, contemporary dance, bodywork, breathwork, and other activities designed to enrich your embodied human experience on this planet. Join us in this adventure and connect with your essence sharing a journey of personal growth.

We await you with open hearts and minds, ready to explore your potential!

Convent from latin “conventus” gathering.

Our vision is to gather together with YOU in a tribe for a few days on an ancient and sacred place in the midst of the wild hills of north tuscany between the apuan alps and the mediterranean sea. We come together in love and respect for nature and each other and to co-create a space of growth, abundance and nourishment.

Since the birth of this festival, we have repeatedly been confronted with questions like: „What kind of festival is this exactly? What do you want to convey? Have you also jumped on the spiritual consumption hype?“ and similar ones… And so, inevitably, we have deeply engaged with these questions and exchanged thoughts on them. What is our vision for this festival?

We have found two main driving forces. First, we love bringing people together to show our most authentic selves, with our deepest desires and wishes, with our need to be seen and held, to be understood, our pursuit of meaning and belonging. We love creating spaces where spiritual growth is possible, where we can draw from abundance and evolve through the exchange of knowledge and experience. Spaces where we can connect with deeper wisdom that is not accessible through mere rational understanding.
Over the years, we have had the privilege of meeting many inspiring teachers who share the same aspirations as us through different methods. With the Convento Festival, we want to provide a platform for all these people to share their wonderful gifts with the world and offer an opportunity for all the seekers among you to meet, connect, and make the great invisible web that already connects us all stronger and more visible.
So that our event doesn’t simply become a buffet of „a little bit of spirituality here, a little bit of esotericism there, a cup of cacao, and a yoni egg,“ we invite YOU to consciously enjoy your time. Instead of trying to attend all the workshops in one day, why not sit by the river and watch the water flow? Or lie down on the forest floor and listen to the rustling of leaves. We value breaks between workshops to avoid the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). We value moments of silence and meditation, where it’s not noisy and colorful, but simple and bare. We value moments where it might not be easy and quick, where your inner resistance is pushed out of its comfort zone, and you may break a sweat. Nevertheless, we want to maintain a balance and not neglect joy and our curious, funny, loud, and awe-struck inner children amidst all seriousness. Your playfulness and your sheer lust for life are also welcome! We aim to create a balance between the conscious adult in us and the carefree child. Everyone is invited to feel for themselves which end of the spectrum they are leaning towards at any given moment.

The second main driving force behind creating this festival is to experiment with a temporary way of life. The festival grounds encompass the life project of our parents: Il Convento Retreat Center. Over the years, the question has repeatedly arisen of what will happen to Il Convento when our parents can no longer manage it. We have the vision of creating a place in the long run where withdrawal from the frenetic outside world is possible, where the utopia of a festival becomes a daily lived reality